Marketing Specialist

Job description

Marketing Specialist

Location: Shanghai

Competitive salary and benefits including 15 days’ annual leave, 10 days paid sick leave, 5 social insurance, Commercial Medical Insurance and we cover 24% Housing Provident Fund!

At Oqton, marketing is about understanding people — and building awareness about how our products/services can satisfy their needs. We’re looking for an experienced and versatile marketing specialist who will be responsible for the growth of our inbound sales channels. Our ideal candidate has experience developing and executing marketing campaigns, as well as tracking and analyzing the performance. He/she will be comfortable with day-to-day marketing activities, as well as long-term strategy, thriving with creative ideas. If you are a people-person who loves the rewarding challenge of building a brand, we want to hear from you.

Objectives of this Role
•Create and execute demand creation marketing activities that drive engagement and new opportunities across different channels and segments
•Develop assets, tools and content – in conjunction with internal and external resources – that engage, nurture and convert target accounts and buyer personas
•Experiment with a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels
•Create, maintain, and conduct analytics reporting across multiple platforms and extract key insights for future campaign development and go-to-market strategies

• 深入了解公司战略计划,负责市场营销方案的策划、执行,支持产品销售和客户增长;
• 负责产品核心价值的营销语言转化,和市场推广宣传资料及销售工具的制作和实施;
• 负责获客渠道的分析、优化和维护;
• 数据分析发现问题、挖掘需求及营销效果衡量,并为未来的营销活动开发和进入市场战略提供关键见解

Job requirements

Skills and Qualifications

•Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field with at least 3+ years of affiliate marketing experience

•Marketing mind with eye for creativity

•Strong self-driven ability and focus on result delivery and problem solving

•Proficiency with B2B SaaS marketing strategy

•Established press and media contacts

• 本科以上市场营销或相关专业学历,3+年市场相关工作经验;
• 敢于创新,勇于实践;

• 较强的自我驱动能力,聚焦于结果和问题解决

• B2B SaaS相关市场经验优先;
• 有行业媒体累计资源者优先